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Inaugural Day (23-08-2023)

Inaugural Session
Launch of DCC-IOR
Cultural Programme

Plenary talks

Invited Plenary Talk on "3 Great Tsunamis: Lisbon, Sumatra-Andaman & Japan" by Prof. Harsh K Gupta on 23-08-2023
Dr. N. K. Panikkar Memorial Lecture by Dr. Shailesh Nayak on 23-08-2023
Talk on "Relationships of Tropical Oceans with the Indian monsoon variability" by Dr. M. Rajeevan on 24-08-2023

Talk on "Discovery of MJO-induced intra-seasonal barotropic sea level variability.." by Dr. S.S.C Shenoi on 24-08-2023
Talk on "Well done MoES, but there is a long way to go" by Dr. P. S. Goel on 25-08-2023