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Summary of Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission No.ABS-11-0387
Title of AbstractSpatiotemporal Evolution of Sea Ice and Its Teleconnections with Large-Scale Climate Indices over Antarctica
AuthorsSwathi M*, Avinash Kumar, Rahul Mohan
AddressNCPOR (Antarctic Centre)
VASCO, Goa, India
Pincode: 403804
Mobile: 9778519098
E-mail: mswathi@ncpor.res.in
AbstractSea ice variability patterns are highly influenced by several large-scale ocean-atmospheric oscillations. We have demonstrated the influence of large-scale ocean-atmospheric oscillations on sea ice variability in Antarctica using statistical and wavelet coherence methods. During the past 42 years, the total Southern Ocean Sea ice extent (SIE) has expanded, while the Amundsen-Bellingshausen Sea (ABS) SIE has decreased. Based on our analysis, El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has a greater impact on Antarctic Sea ice variations than the other three parameters such as Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) Southern Annular Mode (SAM), and Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO). A wavelet coherence analysis (WCA) of ENSO and SIE in various sectors revealed an out-of-phase correlation between the Indian Ocean and the Ross Sea. Although the influence of the IOD is more dominant in East Antarctica, the coexistence of the IOD with ENSO has resulted in considerable variations in sea ice coverage in the ABS. It has been observed that the SAM index and ice extent are associated with a dipole pattern, with more ice in the Ross Sea and less ice in the Weddell Sea. We could also observe the alterations in sea ice characteristics following the phase shift of IPO from a positive to a negative after the 1990s.
Keywordssea ice ,climate change,Antarctica,ENSO, SAM
For Awardsyes
Date Of Birth24-01-1996