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Summary of Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission No.ABS-05-0193
Title of AbstractExploring air-sea CO2 flux parameterizations in Bay of Bengal: A Tropical Cyclone Perspective
AuthorsTrishneeta Bhattacharya*, Kunal Chakraborty
OrganisationIndian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
AddressIndian National Centre for ocean information services, Pragathi Nagar, ocean Val
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Pincode: 500090
Mobile: 9007660260
E-mail: t.bhattacharya-rf@incois.gov.in
AbstractThe transfer of CO2 gas between ocean and atmosphere plays a significant role in regulating the Earth¿s climate. In this context, extreme transient events like tropical cyclones (TCs) which can effectuate enhanced effluxes of CO2 from the ocean to the atmosphere play an important role in controlling global carbon cycles. In this study, the turbulent transfers of momentum and the resultant fluxes of CO2 across air-sea interface are estimated using different types of parameterizations available in the literature for eight TCs in the Bay of Bengal. The comparison of estimated CO2 transfer velocity and the results of wind-wave tank experiments reveal that among wind parameterizations the hybrid parameterization proposed by Nightingale et al. (2000) comes out to be closest (magnitude) in the high wind speed regime while all other linear and quadratic parameterizations used in this study underestimate the transfer velocities at high winds. Both the wave dependent parameterizations of CO2 transfer velocity considered in this study perform better than all wind-only parameterizations when compared with available experimental measurements. The resultant fluxes of CO2 from the choice of parameterization vary considerably among the various wind parameterizations and the difference between the wind and wave dependent parameterized fluxes are significant. In the present conditions of global climate variability, the segregation of estimation techniques of fluxes and carbon budgets under extreme conditions is paramount in helping the convergence of the community efforts of model-data inter-comparisons.
KeywordsAir-sea CO2 flux, Flux parameterization, Bay of Bengal, Tropical Cyclones
For Awardsyes
Date Of Birth05-01-1994