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Summary of Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission No.ABS-03-0451
Title of AbstractA high-resolution numerical ocean model of the Arabian Sea: Evaluation using satellite and in-situ observations
AuthorsPandit K. Brijesh*, N. Agarwal, Jishad M., A. Chaudhary, Jaikumar, R. Sharma
OrganisationCORAL, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur
AddressD 703, Dynamic Grandeur, Wadachi Wadi Rd, Undri, Pune 60
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Pincode: 411060
Mobile: 7020529125
E-mail: brijeshp45@gmail.com
AbstractIn the present study, simulations from a high-resolution numerical ocean model configured for the Arabian Sea (AS) are evaluated against in situ and satellite observations. The model is based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology general circulation model (MITgcm), which is configured at a 0.02o spatial resolution spanning the Arabian Sea from 35oE ¿ 78oE and 9oN ¿ 30oN. The model is initialised from January 2018 using initial conditions of temperature, salinity and velocities from a satellite data assimilative ocean model at 10km resolution. The lateral boundary at the southern part of the domain is updated every 6 hours using outputs of the satellite data assimilative ocean model. The model is integrated for the year 2018 with forcings from ERA-interim reanalysis. The simulations for the period February 2018 to December 2018 are compared with available satellite and insitu observations. It is observed that the model is able to simulate the observed variability of the region, and the fine-scale patterns in the sea surface temperature (SST) are qualitatively similar to what is seen in the high-resolution satellite-derived SST. Seasonal analysis reveals that the errors in SST are large (~0.8K) during the monsoon period, while they remain low (~0.3-0.4K) during other months. Regional and seasonal patterns of sea surface currents and sea level anomalies are also compared with altimeter observations. Model¿s capability to simulate very fine scale features is being assessed by making use of EOS-06 Ocean Color Monitor observations and also using Lagrangian-based techniques. Detailed results will be presented during the conference.
KeywordsHigh-resolution numerical ocean model, ERA-interim reanalysis, Satellite observations, SST, Sea Surface Currents, Sea Surface Salinity, Sea level anomalies
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