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Summary of Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission No.ABS-02-0228
Title of AbstractQuantifying the wave effects on momentum flux in low to medium wind regime in the Bay of Bengal
AuthorsAbhijith Raj*, Dr. B Praveen Kumar, Raju VSJ, Pattabhi Rama Rao E, Suresh Kumar, Shivaprasad S
OrganisationIndian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
AddressINCOIS, Pragathi Nagar
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Pincode: 500090
Mobile: 9995830011
E-mail: a.raj-rf@incois.gov.in
AbstractAccurate estimates of momentum exchange between the ocean and atmosphere play a crucial role in understanding and modeling air-sea interactions. This study uses 16-month-long eddy covariance data collected from a moored buoy in the northern Bay of Bengal to investigate the momentum transfer under light to moderate winds under varying wave conditions. Previous studies have demonstrated significant variability in drag coefficient estimates, especially at low wind speeds, indicating the influence of swells and rapidly changing winds. Therefore, this study specifically examines the impact of fast-traveling ocean swells and their direction on momentum transfer, as these swells have been observed to affect weak wind dynamics at sea profoundly. Additionally, the commonly used bulk formulations based on the Monin-Obukhov similarity theory are thoroughly evaluated. By accounting for the effects of swells and other relevant factors, this research seeks to improve the estimation of the drag coefficient over the sea and advance bulk formulations to capture these intricate interactions accurately. Ultimately, the outcomes of this study will contribute to a deeper understanding of air-sea interactions and their implications for improving weather and climate modeling.
KeywordsEddy covariance,Air-sea fluxes,Wind Stress,Wind Waves,Swell
For Awardsyes
Date Of Birth25-01-1995